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Meet Scott

Guitar / Piano / Bass (Electric and Upright)

Scott took an interest in a variety of instruments from a young age. Starting on saxophone at age 9, he went on to gain experience performing on trumpet, tuba, piano, guitar, and electric & upright bass.

Scott's Story

Scott studied classical upright bass at Edinboro University where he received his B.A. in music.  Scott has performed professionally as a bassist for Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines where he played with numerous guest entertainers including America's Got Talent winner, Michael Grimm, and American Idol 3rd place finalist, Lou Gazzara.


While classically trained on bass, Scott has worked with several private teachers to gain a well-rounded understanding of many genres of music including pop/rock, funk, electronic production, and jazz.  Through this study, Scott has a solid understanding of guitar techniques including fingerstyle, picking/strumming patterns, and chord/scale shapes across the entire range of the instrument, as well as electric bass and piano. Scott has a passion for unlocking the creative application of techniques within his students' individual styles on any one of a multitude of instruments.

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