COVID Health and Safety Guidelines at Accent Music Academy

Updated as of 7/9/21

We are now back to offering all types of  lessons in person, though we still continue to be open to teaching virtually as well if you prefer.   For in person lessons, we are committed to the health and safety of our students, our employees, and our community.  Though COVID cases are very low in our area this summer, we will continue to have some rules which will help as we move into the school year and as we face potential variants of the virus. Thank you for cooperating with our regulations and for helping make this work!

● For now, we will continue to ask that parents and other family members wait in the car while the student is in their lesson.  If you wish to observe, please ask your teacher about setting up a Zoom or Skype connection and they would be glad to broadcast the lessons to you while you wait.


● All teachers at Accent Music Academy are vaccinated for COVID.  We recognize that this is a personal choice and do not require you to tell us about your status.  However, if you want to share your vaccination status with us, we welcome it.

● We ask that all people who are not vaccinated continue to wear a mask when in our space.  Those who are vaccinated may also wear a mask for extra protection if they wish.

● Regardless of vaccination status, students who sing or play an instrument involving the mouth will be allowed to remove their masks in their lesson room when instructed to do so by their teacher.  However, unvaccinated students should still have a mask and should wear it when entering the building, or when leaving their lesson room for any reason.  

● Surfaces in the teaching area will be sanitized between lessons.

● We will continue to run air multiple air purifiers with UV technology in our space.

● Students should wait in the car until a previous student comes out or the teacher motions for them to come in.

● Under no circumstances should a student come in with symptoms of illness. Please contact your teacher if this is the case and he/she will be very understanding.

Thank you again!


David Cooke
Director, Accent Music Academy