COVID Health and Safety Guidelines at Accent Music Academy

As we plan to return to limited in-person lessons at our space, we are committed to the health and safety of our students, our employees, and our community. Thank you for cooperating and for helping make this work!

● We are trying to arrange a schedule where there is only one teacher in the building at a time.


● Masks must be worn by teacher and student.


● Piano lessons will be taught using two separate keyboards. One for the teacher, and one for the student.

● Lessons will be taught in the waiting room to maximize distance.

● Surfaces in the teaching area will be sanitized between lessons.

● Under no circumstances should a student come in with symptoms of illness. Please contact your teacher if this is the case and he/she will be very understanding.

Drop-off and Pickup Procedure

● Students should wait in the car until a previous student comes out or the teacher motions for them to come in.

● Until further notice, all parents and family members must wait outside while the student is taking their lesson. Young students may be walked up to the door and will be met by the teacher. An exception may be made by the teacher for a student’s first lesson. If at any point a parent needs to have access to the student, they are welcome to stick their head in since we will be teaching right inside the door. If a teacher needs to briefly speak with a parent after the lesson, he/she will come out to the parking lot to do so.**

**IMPORTANT NOTE related to the above point:  Parents—it is very important to us that you feel safe and comfortable regarding your child’s experience with us. Therefore, if you wish to monitor the lesson(s), you may request a zoom or skype connection to view the lesson from your car or another location. We hope this will provide a unique and safe way for us to operate during the pandemic while still giving you peace of mind.

Thank you again, and we look forward to seeing you!


David Cooke
Director, Accent Music Academy