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Accent Music Academy offers private music lessons in many instruments given by highly talented and qualified teachers.  All of our instructors have degrees in music and are experienced performers and teachers.  Below is a list of the main instruments we teach.  If you don't see an instrument you have an interest in, please ask.













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Fall 2022 Pricing Options

At Accent Music Academy, we pride ourselves in giving you the best quality instruction for your money.  We pay our teachers a higher percentage of total revenue than the majority of our competitors in the Pittsburgh area.  This allows us to offer you access to great instructors at very competitive and affordable rates.  We also offer lower rates for those who are committed to taking lessons on a long term basis.  In addition to our school year discounts, we offer great rates and flexible packages for summer lessons so that you can keep learning but enjoy other summer activities as well! 

To learn more about each payment options, you can visit our Document Page and download our "Payment Plan Summary" and "Policy Sheet", or reach out to us at any time!

Tuition Plan

The Tuition Plan is for those who are making a commitment to taking 4 lessons per month, during the school year, and at least 8 lessons total during the summer months. In exchange for your commitment, you will pay less per lesson.

Pricing Monthly Pay Pay For School Year Summer 2023 # of Lessons  4month 36 lessons (Sep

Flex Plan

Flex Plan students at Accent Music will pay monthly, but will have the flexibility to deduct a prorated amount from their payments for lessons missed. You will pay slightly more per lesson. However, if you do not feel you can make a commitment to 4 lessons every month, this plan may save you money overall.

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Current New Student Deals

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To Get Started, call (412) 653-3340 and schedule a free no obligation lesson


Rate-Lock Policy 

Never have your prices raised again!


If you purchase at least 8 total lessons in the summer (June – August) and you purchase an average of 4 lessons per month throughout the remainder of the year (Sep – May), your rates will never go up.  This is intended to reward consistent students who are dedicated to the study of music.  It still gives you the flexibility to miss a few lessons throughout the school year and up to 5 lessons in the summer while still keeping your rates the same!