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Accent Music Academy Privacy Policy

This policy explains the information collected when you use Accent Music Academy’s site, services, and content. The policy includes how we store, use, and delete the information. This policy aims to both comply with privacy laws and earn the trust of our students. 

What information do we collect? 

  • Contact Information: We ask students/parents to provide name, email, and phone number for us to contact them about lessons, offers, and payment details. 

  • Search queries: Our site includes a search field that allows you to search, within our site, for content or answers to questions. We collect information about what items and topics are searched. 

  • Registration Forms: Should you decide to join us, we ask for further information in our Registration Form, including address and payment information. 


What do we do with the information? 

  • Contact Information: Provided contact information of name, email, and phone numbers are used to interact with students/parents, keep them updated on classes, and share new offers. This information is part of our business database and only used for direct contact with students/parents. 

  • Search Queries: Items and topics searched for in our website is used to help us better understand what our students/parents are looking for. In knowing this, we can adapt our website to be more user-friendly. This information cannot be traced back to individual users. 

  • Registration Forms: More sensitive personal information, such as address and payment information, is kept secure in our business database and used only for contacting students/parents, and making agreed upon payments.  



When do we delete this information? 

  • Contact Information: When you decide to part from Accent Music Academy, we continue to keep your name, email, and phone number in our database for 1 year, in the hopes you decide to join us again. Following the year mark, your information is permanently deleted from our database. 

  • Search Queries: Website search queries are continuously stored, with no relation to the individual website user. This information is not deleted. 

  • Registration Forms: Personal information including address and payments are stored in our database until they are changed or the student leaves Accent Music Academy. When this occurs, the information is permanently deleted from the database.

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